Whether you're called to your neighbors or the nations, we'll help you get there

Every person on earth was designed with a call of God on their lives.
Most people don’t recognize that it has been there all along and is not going away.

·       Do you know what God’s call is in your life?

·       Do you know how to discover it?

·       Do you know how to help others realize theirs?

Leadership Training School - Destiny by Design was created to help people to answer these questions.

Through teaching, discussion groups, and a variety of activities we will discover how God reveals your unique design through…

Dreams – explore your passions, interests, desires.  What makes YOU come alive?

Experience – recognizing life-giving experiences, good and bad experiences – God wants to use them all. God is bigger than our experience.

Soulprint – includes personality inventory – your personality is designed perfectly for your calling!

Identity – who are you, really?

Gifts – looking for gifts we have and gifts we don’t have.  They are all part of His design.

Network – we were created to be connected.  It is the key to multiplication.

Conclusion – this is where we pull it all together and discover patterns that make up your unique design.

Come. You will never be the same!

When? Every Wednesday // Starting January 17 // 6 weeks // 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Graduation February 21st

Where?  YWAM Boston // Corner of 374 Broadway and 165 Sycamore St - Somerville

Cost: $250 (Includes Study Bible and a Destiny by Design Workbook)

Workshop credit with the University of the Nations – One week credit
$50 registration fee

Discounts: Married Couples ($150 each)

                5 or more from one church - $150/person

                DBS & iNFUSION alumni - $150/person