The Bible transforms Nations

What it is

A 12-week course where students are given an overview of “God’s Story” and will discover the purposes of God through over-arching themes in the Bible.

Students will read through the entire Bible out loud in a small group setting. Our heart is to see a hunger and passion for the word of God grow in each student and provide training so they can worship God in SPIRIT and TRUTH.


our vision - Ending bible poverty

We believe God is awakening our nation and is birthing the greatest missions movement ever seen leading to the greatest global harvest of souls in history! God is awakening this generation to Himself and to His heart for the nations. There is a “yes” in their hearts and we exist to help them see it! Bible invites us into the greatest story ever told, a story that needs to be heard and telling this story is worth our lives!

We exist to serve this generation by offering accessible, dynamic and transformative Biblical training.

Join the Family

There is power in a community where they read the bible together, they grow together. As you are discovering the scripture together there is unity created and awareness of learning how to study scripture.


Lecture Phase

During the lecture phase, our students learn from a different visiting teacher each week. We have an integrated schedule with 15 lecture hours per week focused on our core DBS curriculum.

Topics in DBS generally follow through the books that you are chronologically studying. Although each book is studied to discover its original intent, you will also be taught on topics. For example – you will look at Worldview and Origins as you study through Genesis, Exodus, and Job. Each book is filled with insights to discover!


Small Groups

This is the exciting part where you will take turns and read aloud in your own small group over the course of the 12 weeks Genesis to Revelation! At the appropriate time after a section is read there is time for discussions and answering questions. Twice a week a selected passage is studied inductively as well. The discovery of new truths leads to transformation in the life of the students!



After your 12 week lecture phase we offer an optional outreach where you can put your knowledge and passion to work in bringing Bible courses and preaching to the hardest and darkest places!

This year (2019) we will be traveling to Belize for one month, working with local churches, teaching bible courses and preaching the Gospel.

We also offer an evening edition course for this school. Click below to check it out!





Dates: April - June 2020

Lecture Cost: $4000

Outreach Cost: tba


Along with our application we require reference forms to be filled out by a pastor, a teacher and a friend. You can click the links below to fill out those forms.


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