English has become the world’s common language, and throughout the globe, non-English speakers are anxious to learn. For the English learner, language skills open doors to knowing neighbors, new jobs, and education.

Many English-speaking missionaries and aid-workers have attempted to teach English, only to discover that being a native speaker does not in itself make one a good teacher of English.

So, why not learn to TEACH English!

We want to invite you to attend our Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages course ( or TESOL for short). This training school includes four weeks of intensive instruction in basic theories and methods of teaching English.


Course Details

The course also includes topics such as: program design, lesson plans, classroom management, how to work with different learning styles, testing, principles of language acquisition, as well as the sounds and grammar of English.


When our TESOL students are in Boston, they will be fulfilling student teaching while also going through training themselves. We believe strongly that one learns tremendously while pulling up their sleeves and serving, so this practicum is integral to the foundation of training at YWAM Boston.

Come learn how to meet real needs and make a real difference:

  • Among immigrants living in your neighborhood

  • or …. Abroad -- literally all over the world.



WHO: This course is for people 18 and up

WHERE: YWAM Boston. 374 Broadway, Somerville, MA.

What can I do with the TESOL certification?

Upon successful completion of this course, you can immediately start an English school or acquire a teaching job overseas

Do you offer internships?

Yes. Teaching internships are available for graduates of our TESOL program. This will be an exciting season of three months where we encourage you to immediately practice what you have learned, as you teach ESL in our local community.

TESOL is $2000 US Dollars. This covers room, board, books, and training for the month.